Drywall repair leaves the elements outside where they belong. The most important function of your home's drywall is that it keeps wind, moisture, pests, and insulation from entering your home. If your home has experienced fire, water or termite damage or maybe another company couldn't repair your drywall correctly, trust our expert contractors at Connelly Painting to put your drywall headache away. We work alongside you as the home owner and your insurance to make sure you're getting the best rate and quality service with your drywall repair project.

Why Drywall Repair is Essential Before You Paint:

✅ Water Damage – Replacing the entire dry wall sheet in case of extra water damage!

✅ Holes – Using a spackling compound for smaller holes and joint compound for larger holes!

✅ Hairline Cracks - apply acrylic latex caulk which has the flexibility to withstand movement between walls!

Loose Tape - If your tape is bubbling and lifting away from the wall surface it should be repaired immediately!