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Famous Exterior Paint Colors Trends In 2020

Thinking about renovating your home? You might want to change the colors of the exterior of your place. Instead of rebuilding the entire exterior structure from scratch, you can give it a coating of new and trending paint colors to give it a refreshing look.

In 2019, we saw a lot of classic colors like Blue, Reddish Brown, Solid Green and Grayish Black coming back in trend for the exterior paint colors. Now we are in 2020 and home renovation enthusiasts are looking for the most trending color choice for their exterior home painting projects. After extensive research, we have figured out paint colors that would be in trend for building exteriors in 2020.

So, let’s dig in and see the trending exterior paint colors in 2020!

✔️ Sea Blue – Conventional Yet Elegant

Although all shades of blue are in trend in 2020, one particular color the Sea Blue is has been observed to see a huge exposure. People are going for this color to give the exterior of their home a refreshing look. You can use different shades of this color to give your place a solid yet elegant look.

✔️ Charcoal Gray – Most Trending

Charcoal Gray is recommended for home spaces that have light gray paint colors for the interior. You can paint charcoal gray on the exterior walls of your home along with a hint of white for the trims to give your home a decent outlook.

✔️ Brown – For An Old School Look

Combining different shades of brown to create exterior color designs that give you place an old-school, wood-like feel is a hot trend in 2020. We have seen a lot of people coming back to this paint color to give their home an ancient yet sophisticated look.

✔️ Cavern Clay – For An Earthly Feel

This color is famous for its earthly outlook and feels that it offers to the exterior of your home. You can coat this color on the exterior walls of your home if you want to bring back the 70s look for your place while maintaining the modern architecture.

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✔️ Forest Green – Close To Nature Feel

If you are going for a nature-like look for the exterior walls of your home, then you should go for the trending forest green color. This color is best suited for homes that are around the suburbs, to match the surrounding around the house.

✔️ Tan – For A Modern Look

Tan is another trending color in 2020 that you can go for. This color would bring out a whole new outlook of your place that would look classy yet elegant. For people who want a unique look for their place, this is the color for you.

✔️ Taupe – Basic Yet Elegant

Taupe may look like a basic color and kind of like a secondary version of gray but, it still would look great if you use decent shades of it. We are mentioning it here because we have observed a lot of exterior design being painted with this color over the past few months. It is probably because of the warm look that it offers your place.

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