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How To Remove Wallpaper Without Messing Up Your Wall

Removing wallpapers from the walls of your room is a sensitive job. No matter

how great your wallpaper is, sooner or later, it must come down for your room

walls to have a fresh start. So, when the time comes, you need to make sure that

you do it the right way or else you’ll end up messing up your entire wall.

Removing wallpaper from your walls is a DIY thing. You don’t need to hire a

professional for that. If you know the right way, you can take care of that yourself.

Here are some of the tips that would help you remove the wallpaper from your

wall in the best possible way.

✔️ Figure out the type of wallpaper on the wall

There are two types of wallpapers that you’d most likely find on your walls:

The wallpapers can either be strippable or peelable. You’d need to figure out

what kind of wallpaper you have before proceeding towards removing it. The

strippable wallpapers can be easily stripped off from the walls. The peelable

wallpapers require some extra efforts and preparations from your part. You’d

need to prepare your wall and use some sort of solution before the peeling of

these wallpapers.

✔️ Curt off the Power supply

Safety should be your top priority when removing wallpapers. Make sure to

cover all exposed wires with tapes and turn off all electrical appliances. You

can use the simple painter’s tape for covering the exposed electrical outlets.

This may seem unnecessary at first, but it is strongly recommended that you

take care of this before working on removing the wallpapers from your walls.

Once you are done with this, you are ready to move on to the next step, which

is the removal of the wallpaper.

✔️ Start with the corners

The best way to remove wallpaper is to start from the corners. Take any

sharp knife to lift the corners of the wallpaper. Use these corners to strip off

the wallpaper. Make sure to be as close to the wall as you can because it

would help you do the job in an optimum way. With this method, you have very little risk of messing up your wall. Keep loosening up the corners and remove the wallpapers from the rest of the walls.

✔️ Use a solution where the wallpaper sticks

There might be a few places around the walls of your room where the

wallpaper just sticks to the wall and can’t be stripped off using ordinary

means. You can’t just peel or strip it off because it would damage your wall.

You need to use some sort of solution that you will apply to the wallpaper

which would facilitate the wallpaper removal process for you. You can get

a wallpaper stripper product from your nearest hardware store. You can mix it with hot water and use this solution to strip off the wallpaper.

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✔️ Lightly scrape off the wallpaper

Once you have applied the wallpaper stripper solution to the walls, you can

begin the scraping process. Take a putty knife and use it lightly to remove the

wallpaper from the walls. Make sure you don’t scratch the wall with a knife. Use

the knife lightly and only when needed.

✔️ Take care of the aftermath

Once you are done with the wallpaper stripping process, you’d need to clean

the walls to remove any kind of residue that might be left on the walls. You can

use simple water and soap to clean the walls. Make sure you do this step

properly because if you don’t, the new wallpaper won’t be able to stick

properly to the wall. It will keep coming off and would be ruined in just a

few days.

Make sure to do all these things when removing wallpapers from your walls.

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