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Top 7 Trending Color Choices For Interior Design in 2020

A fresh and trending paint on the walls of your home can transform its entire

look. You don’t have to renovate your entire home to give it a new feel, you

can easily make that happen by coating decent color schemes around the

walls of your home.

As we are going towards the middle of 2020, interior design enthusiasts are looking

for the trending new color schemes that they can apply on the walls of their

place. If you are also an interior design fanatic, then you are in the right place.

Here are 7 popular color choices for interior design that are trending in 2020:

1- Moody Maroon Color

The year 2019 saw a great number of people coming back to the all-time classic

red color for their interior design requirements. But now, people are

looking for a kind of solid and darker variations of the red. And nothing

comes to mind that is better than the maroon color. Applying a blend of

maroon and white on the walls with a hint of black on the surrounding

furniture would give an elegant look to your living space.

2- Classic Blue Color

The classic blue color is an evergreen choice for interior design. You can use a

combination of different shades of blue to give the walls around your place

a unique and classy look. You can try out different blends and combinations

of the solid blue or kind of navy-blue color to decorate the interior of your

home. This blue color would feel vibrant to your eyes and would give off a

refreshing look.

3- Olive Green Color

Shades of green have always been a great choice for interiors of home

designs. Now, not the exact green, but a kind of natural-looking, olive green

shade of this color would fit the trend. You can combine this color with

wood furniture to give your place a natural and close to nature look. It

would go great with white painted furniture as per the designs that we

have seen so far.

4- Shades of Pink

Pink is kind of a unique interior design choice that doesn’t feel so great

when you think about it but in action, it would work great for your home. In

fact, we have seen many people choosing this color for their interior

coloring needs as compared with other mainstream colors. You don’t have

to use the same pink shade for all the walls, you can design some sort of

blend of light and dark pink that you can apply on the walls of your room.

5- Solid Charcoal Color

If you are going with a classy and solid look for your place, then you should

consider a solid charcoal color for the walls of your home. You can either use

it as a primary color for the walls or you can use it as an accent color with

other solid colors. It would go great with white or other shades of grey. This

color is not suited if you are going for a funky look for your walls.

6- Matte Black Interior Design

Black would never get old. It has always been a decent choice for interior

design. But its recent variation, the solid matte black is really trending these

days. You can use it in combination with other shades of black to give a

unique look to your place.

7- Golden Yellow Color

The golden yellow color is becoming popular and is going to be a famous

trend for 2020. It has a certain kind of luminosity associated with it that sets

it apart from the other mainstream color choices for interior design. It

would go great with white-colored furniture. You can also use shades of

yellow in combination with this color.

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