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Commercial Painting

We have had some of the most highly-respected businesses in Orlando request our Commercial painting services because we have the best painting contractors and the best prices for small, medium and larger businesses!

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Residential Painting

Your home deserves a new coat of paint and our team of Orlando Painters is highly qualified paint contractors will make sure the right steps are taken to give your house new life and color at the best prices on Home Painting in Orlando guaranteed. We are professional house painters. You'll not regret your decision.


Wallpaper Removal

There will come a time when your Drywall will lose it's appeal, color, and touch to your home. Make sure you hire professionals who have experience in removing the adhesive underneath your wallpaper so now extensive damage can be done.

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Brush and Spray Applications

Touch up areas of your home's interior paint that other Orlando contractors don't dare touch because of the difficulty and equipment they don't have. Wall trim, baseboards, fireplace mantles, and other areas are typically a challenge to most Orlando house painters and that's why Connelly has you and your home's back


Pressure Washing Decks

Make your home or office look like new with a fast and easy pressure wash from Connelly Painting. We use products while exterior house painting & Interior house painting that clean without harming your floors or property. The products we use are environmentally safe and before even painting inside your home or outside make sure you get it pressure washed so you don't have to paint over dust or cobwebs.

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Drywall Patching and Other Repairs

Having your drywall repaired in Orlando is impossible to avoid in any home. Your next drywall repair or project requires Orlando Painters' professionalism with years of experience like us to tackle it and make sure your home isn't damaged by interior paint.



Connelly Painting Is a Family-Owned And Run Orlando Painting Company Proud To Serve Residents
and Commercial Businesses of All Central Florida. We Specialize in Interior and Exterior Painting, Residential Painting, and Commercial Painting!

We at Connelly Painting in Orlando Pride Ourselves to be one of the best Orlando Painting Companies. We are providing The Best Customer Service, Happy and Satisfied Customers is Our #1 Priority. We are happy to do exterior painting, interior paint & house painting.


Connelly Painting combines our 19 Years of Experience and Professionalism To Ensure That The Painting Project in Orlando That You Envisioned, Is The One That You’ll Get!


We Understand That Residential PaintingCommercial
 & House painting in Orlando is a Big Investment, For Years To Come, So We Try Our Best To Make This Experience Stress Free and An Enjoyable One with our professional Orlando painters!

Through Surface Preparation, Combined With High-Quality painting in Orlando fl, Applied At The Manufacturers Specified Thickness Is Key To a High-Quality Paint Job That Will Keep Your Home or Business in Orlando Protected Looking Good For Many Years To Come!

For Both Residential Painting and Commercial Painting, We Only Use The Best Paints On The Market, With The Best Reviews in Consumer Reports, For Example, Behr Paints by Home Depot and Sherwin Williams Paints!

With Over 19 Years of Experience In The Field as Professional Orlando Painters, Our Previous Clients Rave About Our High-Quality Work and Our Professionalism. we Have Great Reviews and Multiple References In the Orlando Area Available Upon Request!

We Strive To Give Our Customers Either In Residential and Commercial Painting in Orlando a Hassle-Free Experience, At Competitive Prices While Still Delivering The Highest Quality Work Possible!

Connelly Painting Is The Best Orlando Painting Company:


For The Past 19 Years, Our Service Team Has Been Made Up Of Experience and Professional Orlando Painters Who Have A Wide Range of Painting Experience No Matter What The Vision For Your Project Is. On Top Of Service Quality, We Use The Best and Highest Durable Paints With Various Colors To Choose From! The Highest Quality Paints Don't Come At Any Extra Cost To You! We Believe In Quality Over Profit. We Do Our Due Diligence To Know Exactly What You Need Before We Start and Make Sure You're Not Overpaying For Your Next Quality Painting Project!

We Provide FREE Online and Onsite Estimates and Satisfaction Is 110% Guaranteed!

The Price We Tell You, Is The Price You Pay!


We Are Also Fully Licensed and Insured So You Don't Have To Worry About Anything Except How Excited You'll Be When The Project is Done and Is Exactly What You Visioned!



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If you are considering hiring an Orlando painting company to paint your home, you may be focusing on the colors available.


It is just as important to pay attention to the types of Interior and Exterior Painting you can use on your home to get the most for your money. 


This will provide you with the best possible results and will make the newly painted coat last for years to come. As one of the best  Orlando painting company, we want the best for you.


To get the most out of your paint, you need to select the right type for your home.


Primer is used as a base for the actual paint to better adhere to. 


This will be the first coat to go on your walls, primer is designed to enhance the paint you choose, rather than covering your walls.

The primer we use us a clear coat, repellent dirt and mildew and protects from water intrusion.


Water based, or latex and acrylic paints, are a quicker drying option. Latex-based paints are durable, easy to clean up and can withstand direct sunlight well.


It can be hard to decide which paint to use on your home, but no matter what grade paint you choose, the best sheen finish for exteriors is Satin.

Satin finish will fade less, stay cleaner longer and give a more slick surface where mold will have a harder time bonding to, than flat finish paints.

Behr Paints from Home Depot will last longer & look better than the Standard paints, we (as house painters) have used for years and it has proven to us, in our experience to be one of the best exterior paints.

The Primer-Sealer option is for surfaces that are chalky , peeling painting surfaces or areas prone to mildew growth, then it’s required. 

Don’t risk choosing the wrong type of paint for your home. 

To get the best results, it’s very important to chop the right type of paint first, then the colors. 

This will both provide you with a better results and a painting job that will last for years to come.


✅ Step 1: Pressure-Wash Walls

Pressure washing is very crucial. To ensure the best coverage, remove dirt and dust buildup from the house using a pressure washer.

✅ Step 2: Repair Damaged Surfaces

Walk around the entire perimeter of the house taking note of damaged surfaces such as wood, masonry, metal, siding or stucco. 

Apply epoxy filler to cracks or holes using a spackle knife. Once dry, lightly sand using a medium-grit sanding block.

✅ Step 3: Remove Loose Paint

Once the exterior is dry, walk around the perimeter of the house taking note of any loose or chipped paint, then remove chipped and loose paint using a paint scraper or a medium-grit sanding block.

✅ Step 4: Caulk Trims, doors and windows 

Fill any gaps between house and trim around doors and windows using exterior caulk and caulk gun.

✅ Step 5: Prime Stains

Examine the exterior for any stains or visible wood.

✅ Step 6: Inspect and repair cracks with Acrylic Latex Repairing Caulk

✅ Step 7: Protect Doors, Windows, and Lights

Cover doors, windows, and lighting fixtures using plastic sheeting and painter’s tape.

Protect Outdoor Lighting from Paint

✅ Step 8: Prime and Seal

Seal surfaces with a clear Waterproofing Primer- Sealer 

✅ Step 9: Paint Exterior


Load paint color into the paint sprayer. Be sure to work your way from top to bottom in a smooth, controlled manner, overlapping each stroke by 8 inches. 

Follow by back rolling to ensure adhesion to the surface. 

Apply Exterior Paint with Paint Gun for perfect painting job

✅ Step 10:Paint Trim and Doors

Remove plastic sheeting from doors, windows, and lighting fixtures. 

✅ Step 11: Walkthrough

Walkthrough the property for final Inspection and we're done with the house painting job. 

We are Orlando painters and we're known as the best Orlando painting company for commercial 


Connelly Painting painted the exterior of our house. The results are outstanding. The painters were polite and efficient. We were very impressed with their attention to detail, especially the surface preparation before painting began. The cost was very reasonable. We recommend this company highly.



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